It is important to note that the primeoffice only provides a venue to allow posting of information relating to properties. All information, photos, texts, graphics, or any other materials whatsoever relating to such properties posted on the primeoffice or made available through the primeoffice ("Contents") are created and/or provided by sellers. You understand that the Contents may be objectionable, inaccurate, deceptive, or containing errors or omissions. The sellers are solely responsible for the quality, safety or legality of their properties, as well as the truth, accuracy and integrity of the Contents.

The primeoffice and the services provided therein are provided on an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, with respect to the operation of this primeoffice or the condition, quality, performance, accuracy, suitability, fitness for purpose or completeness of the Contents. In particular, we cannot guarantee that the properties exist or that the Contents supplied by the sellers are up to date, true, accurate or reliable. We are not liable or responsible in any way for the Contents, nor are we liable or responsible for any liability, loss, claim, demand or damage of any kind arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, or in any way connected with the use of or inability to use the primeoffice or the Contents contained therein. You agree to bear all possible risks associated with the use of this primeoffice and the Contents, including, but not limited to, any reliance on the truth, accuracy or integrity of the Contents.

Nothing on this primeoffice shall be regarded or taken as financial advice or an advice of any kind by us. Neither do we endorse any comment or opinion expressed by other users of this primeoffice. You acknowledge that any decision you make in relation to the subject matters of this primeoffice is made solely under your own independent judgment, and we are not responsible for any decision made by you.

You are solely responsible for the use to which you put this primeoffice and all the results and information you obtain from it. All warranties, conditions, undertakings, representations and terms, whether express or implied, statutory or otherwise, are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Without limiting the foregoing, we have the right in our sole discretion to: (a) refuse to post any Contents on the primeoffice or remove any Contents from the primeoffice; or (b) amend or modify any Contents on the primeoffice without notice. The fact that we have refused to post, removed, amended or modified any Contents does not constitute an assumption of any liability or responsibility on our part.

This primeoffice contains links to third party primeoffices over which we have no control. We assume no responsibility for the contents of these third party primeoffices or for any losses or damages which may arise out of use of a third party primeoffice. The presence of a link to a third party primeoffice does not necessarily mean that we endorse that primeoffice or have any association with the owner or operator of that primeoffice.

You also agree to bear all possible risks involved in your dealings with any other users of this primeoffice. Such risks include, but are not limited to, dealing with people acting under false pretense or people not being able to deliver as agreed. In the event that you have a dispute with any other user, you agree to release us from any liability, loss, claim, demand or damage of any kind arising out of, whether directly or indirectly, or in any way connected with such a dispute.

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